Corporate Retreats/Offsite Meetings in Alpe D'huez | Accommodation for Corporate Retreats

Team building, reward schemes, corporate retreats, off-site meetings (off-sites), performance rewards or just general work getaways. Your corporate requirement enquiries can start and finish with us.

Being well versed in the requirements of all of the above from off-sites to corporate retreats we know that you need to make this successful. We have full technological facilities including high speed broadband more than capable of teleconferencing and providing streaming media from the internet. Likewise for a corporate retreat from technology or brainstorming…we can switch it all off!

The town of Alpe D'huez Corporate Retreats in the Alpes Outdoor Corporate Activities

The town of Alpe D'huez - Corporate Retreats in the Alpes - Outdoor Corporate Activities

Corporate Retreats | Accommodation in Alpe D'huez

Planning an off-site meeting or corporate retreat requires an intimate knowledge of the needs of business in the modern world. From ensuring that supplies are ready to go to making sure that everything just works. We will make sure you can focus on the task at hand.

Of course what is any good off-site or corporate holiday without nearby bars, restaurants and activities to make sure at the end of the day you can play as hard as you work. From refined bars and restaurants to bars that let you blow off steam and restaurants that are fun and vibrant, everything is within easy walking distance of the chalets.

We have a list of activities for team building or just off days including wine tastings, cooking courses (always fun!), biking (team tackle the 21 bends), hiking, climbing, sports stadium for any sports and skiing.

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