Walking Holidays in Alpe d'Huez | Accommodation for Walking holidays

The hills are alive with the sounds of…well nothing except a few animals. Mainly they are just alive with spectacular views and walking tracks. For a summer walking holiday or serious trampers or hikers in Autumn and Spring, there are tracks of every level. Walking has always been a prime attraction in the mountains of Alpe D’huez and the local facilities have meant that a hikers every needs can be catered for. From local maps and hiking equipment to packed lunches, supplies and a hot meal ready for your return, Alpe D’huez is the perfect summer vacation for walking, hiking and tramping enthusiasts.

The town of Alpe D’huez stays alive all year round. In the summer it is a hive of activity for people who are looking for a great summer vacation or for those who are looking for the peace and tranquillity of the mountains we would highly suggest you visit here in autumn and Spring.

Walking Holidays in the Alps - Breath Taking Scenery - Alpe D'huez Hiking Holidays in the Alpes - Alpe D'huez

Walking Holidays and Mountain Hiking Holidays | Accommodation in Alpe D'huez

The chalets provide the perfect way point for travellers into the mountains. Being centrally located and close to the operating chairlifts, means you can access almost all area’s of the mountains for walking and hiking easily and comfortably. The luxury chalets in the heart Alpe D’huez will allow you to relax in comfort after a hard days hiking or easily walk the 100 or so metres to any number of restaurants to relax the evening away with friends or sample the local wine and gastronomical delights that comes from the world famous chefs in France.

We have guests who have been for three years running and still not walked the same tracks. We have maps and can organise guides and tours for groups or individuals if required and as we are all ‘happy hikers’ here we have experience in the area and are more than happy to go over the areas with you.

For groups or families, contact us today and we will help you plan the perfect walking holiday

Walking Holidays in the French Alps Breath Taking Scenery - Alpe D'huez Hiking Holidays in the Alps - Alp D'huez

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